Monday, January 18, 2016

Round 2 ~ KWIK Sew 2258 ~ Men's Ban Collar Shirt in Another Seersucker!

So here we go, we are off on another journey with KWIK Sew 2258.  I really cannot express to you how much I really enjoy this pattern.

It's always a real joy to sew together.   All of your pattern pieces fit just like they are supposed surprises what-so-ever.  This is a pattern you can just sit back and enjoy sewing.

I really am glad I purchased both pieces of seersucker fabric at the same time in alternating colors.  So often when you go back looking for a certain fabric it's already gone, swiped up.  Me and my wallet have come to a understanding, if it makes it into the basket, I'm buying it! 

All Good things start with a flat piece of fabric!  In this case a flat piece of Seersucker fabric, which has definitely turned into one of my favorite shirting fabrics.  I just love the way it feels on.  That might sound odd but it really does make an excellent shirt.  The challenge with seersucker is finding it in the right weight and colors.  I was really fortunate finding the two color schemes that I did.

This is always one of the exciting parts to me.  After you have washed and dried your fabric and for the first time you lay it out.  Pondering where your going to start placing your first pattern piece for cutting.  I know it's funny but I really do enjoy every phase of a sewing project.

I just noticed recently that my scissors seem to be getting a little dull, I may have to buy a new pair or invest in a sharpener.

Getting all the pieces laid out and ready for the interfacing.

One of my high points of shirt construction.  Putting the yoke together, love it, well...hmm...I also like assembling and sewing the cuffs....and then you have all those fun button holes.  Not to mention the collar stand!  Uhgg... Okay... geeezzz  I Love the whole process.

(You may have noticed something in the picture above that may have some cringing.  I've sewed right over my pins.  That is one of the nice things about a hand crank sewing machine.  It's slow enough that it doesn't effect the needle.  It goes around the pin every time.  I would never do that with any of my electric machines.)

And when your done for the day you can hang it up and admire what you've completed so far and start contemplating tomorrows goals.

Which in this case are the sleeves and cuffs.

It always feels good when your opening up the button holes because that means......your shirts just about ready to try on!  That is once you sewed your buttons in place.

The shirts hanging in anticipation for the big a.m. photo shoot!

And here we go...

And some more....

That is, once again another KWIK Sew 2258 completed!

Thanks everyone for putting up with my shenanigans this blog post, I was just in a real chatty mood tonight.

Once again, if you have the opportunity to sew up this pattern please do you'll enjoy every minute of it.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wash Away Wonder Tape by Collins ~ My new best friend!

This is my new best friend when it comes to sewing hems and sewing down collar stands.  It's very easy to use where needles can sometimes be tricky or for narrower hems where steam from your iron can burn your fingers.  It's called Wash Away Wonder Tape and you can purchase it WAWAK Sewing for $2.99 each or $2.70 when you order 3 or more.

It's a double sided transparent tape that can be stitched  through and will not gum up your needle.  It comes in 1/4" x 10 yards and is super simple to use.

For instance lets do a  narrow hem, this can be tricky for me sometimes because when I measure the hem and hold it down with my fingers steam at times catches them and can really burn them good.  I've let out more than one cuss word or two ironing down this type of hem.  It catches you totally off guard.  With Wonder tape you just roll it out and tack it down to the area your going to fold over.

After you have it in place you just peal the back of the tape off and start folding your fabric over to the width you need your hem.

I usually apply it one more time and then roll it over again for a nice clean finished look.

When I'm done with my last fold I give it a once over with the iron to smooth it out and then sew my seam in.  It really does an extraordinary job on making the perfect hem and for collar stands where needles can be tricky sometimes, it's revolutionized that for me.

So if those narrow hems at times have you #%$*#@! from the steam from your iron give Wonder tape a try you won't be disappointed.

Until Next Time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe