Tuesday, September 22, 2015

End of Summer Sewing Catch-Up!

Summer has finally come to a close and it's time to start transitioning from summer to fall and winter sewing.  Most of this last summer has been spent sewing items for Stephanie so a lot of the patterns I had originally planned on sewing had to be put on the back burner.  Here are a couple of items that I just finished up for her.

Another Tank Top

Another Jumper and this time I made the arm and neck opening a lot smaller and also used bindings on them to keep the fit better.  The serged seams on the other two looked good but they did have a tendency to stretch out a bit.  Live and learn!  She loves all three of them so it's a win win.  I have one more yard of this particular fabric left so I'll use it to make her another tank top.

Sooooo.....Yesterday I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and did some fabric shopping for myself.  Gearing up for some "Joe" sewing.  It was my day off and I went by myself so I was able to take my time.  Spent 3 hours just browsing.  It felt great and I was able to find some really nice fabric.

I bought 3 1/4 yards of this cotton shirting fabric.  I love the blue and the light green stripes.  It has a little bit of seersuker ripple to it.

I also bought 3 1/4 yards of the same fabric in a peach and tan stripe.  These two will make a couple of really nice shirts.

Next I did something I have never done before.  I purchases a whole uncut bolt.  I ran into the perfect 100% cotton bottom weight khaki fabric.  Since I had a couple pairs of khaki pants I needed to make this was perfect and if I had some left over for shorts for next spring that's all the better.  I also had a 50% off coupon which made the deal even sweeter.

Both shirting fabrics are going to blend really nice with the khaki.  I can't wait to start on them!

So let the fall sewing begin...

Until next time....Happy Sewing!  Seam Ripper Joe

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