Saturday, August 15, 2015

Another Jumper for Stephanie "Pink"

Just put the finishing touches on this jumper before work.  It looks really good on Stephanie and she loves the pink!  It's really a cheerful summer top.

I wanted to bring up a couple of items I've come to really appreciate when sewing with a serger and knits.

"Fray Check", this really comes in handy.  I use it on every seam I finish.  You just use a little "dab" on your threads and it alleviates them from coming apart at the end of a seam.  It also has loads of other uses when it comes to sewing.  It's a all purpose general sewing glue.

The other is my "Fabric Glue Stick".  It holds any fabric in place that you need to fold over.  i.e. hems or pockets.

It makes working with knits so much easier.  Specially when a hot iron puts a shine on so many fabrics.  It holds the fabric in a perfect fold and your able to sew right through it without gumming up your needle.  It's a win win.

The whole pocket is formed perfectly and ready to be placed on the garment.

I then use the glue stick to adhere my pocket onto the top and position it perfectly before pressing it down to the fabric with my hand.  No needles required and the pocket holds firmly to the fabric until I sew it down.

At that point the pocket is really easy to sew up without having to worry about pulling out any pins as you sew.

All sewn and perfectly placed.  Now the glue stick will never replace pins for 95% of my sewing but in some cases it really makes certain project soooo much easier.  Like Pockets on knits ; )

You can see on the bottom I left the serged stitch showing instead of folding it under.  Stephanie really likes the way it looked it sorta gives it a lacy look.

Same with around the collar and arms.

So that's Stephanie's new pink jumper.  If you hadn't yet tried the "Fray Check" or the "Fabric Glue Stick" I highly recommend them both.

I hope everyone's having a excellent weekend.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe