Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lymphedema and Butterick Pattern B6223 ~ Culottes

I'm not sure how many of you may or may not know, but the actual reason I started sewing to begin with is because of my dear wife Stephanie.  Around 8 years ago she was diagnosed with Lymphedema, the affected area is her legs.  For those who may not know, that is where the Lymphatic Fluids are not able to drain properly through the Lymph Nodes which in turn causes severe swelling in the limbs.  The treatment for this is daily wrapping that helps the fluid drain.  It is still a very cumbersome and uncomfortable process.  Also buying pants off the rack was next to impossible, nothing would ever fit properly.  I could see pretty quick that this was breaking her heart and I had to find a way to help her smile again and feel comfortable in her clothes.  That's when I purchased my first sewing machine and "Seam Ripper Joe and his Sewing Machine" entered into existence.

I know I have a load of patterns to sew up since I've been quilting for the last 8 months but I needed to re-vamp my list.  Stephanie "really needed" a couple pairs of work pants first.  She wanted them to be baggy and loose for the summer and also made out of black linen.  So I went through my patterns and found the perfect match.

She loved the pattern and the only change I would have to make is in the length.  So off we went to Joann Fabrics and found a nice pant weight linen.

Before washing the linen I serged around all 5 1/2 yards to ensure it wouldn't fray to much.  Boy this serger is the best, I would have never thought I would have liked an electric machine as much as this one.  Who knew!

You can see where I added a good 10 inches of length to the legs.  I really enjoyed how easy the linen was to handle and cut with the pattern.

Tailor Tacking the Pleats!

After the whole pattern was cut out I went back to my pleats and chalked them good and took out the tacks.

All four leg panels all cut out and ready to sew together.  I'm really not sure how everyone else differentiates between the four but I still have to tag mine.  Better safe than sorry.

After I attached the pocket I serged the seam.  It really is cool how nice of a finish it leaves.  To be honest though there was no seam un-serged!

Just sewing the hem after having Stephanie try them on and I can just about color them done!

They turned out "Exactly" like she wanted.  Did you ever see anyone with a bigger smile!

Now I just need to make one more pair for her in black at this length for work and another in white at the normal length just to wear around for the summer.

Just a little note, if you have never worked with linen before give it a try it's really a fabulous fabric to sew with.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe