Monday, May 25, 2015

Stephanie's New Zipper Pouch!

My darling wife loves playing the lottery every week.  Not anything crazy but maybe 10 or 20 dollars worth.  She keeps all of her tickets and affiliated paperwork bundled up with a rubber band.  It seems like every few weeks that rubber band breaks.  When that happens, she'll repair said rubber band with a knot and of course in another week or two that one will also break.  It's a vicious cycle.  I had to put a stop to it!  Here was my solution.

I ran into a great little Zipper Pouch Tutorial that Jenny Doan has from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I know it seams like I use a lot of her tutorials.  My blog sorta has them sprinkled all over the place.  She just really has a simple down to earth way of explaining the art of sewing.

I already had all the supplies I needed for this fun simple project.  "I actually didn't have to buy anything".

The one thing I did a little different from Jenny was that I added a liner and a little zipper pocket in the interior.

This was really a fun little project to sew together.

I had to start her off with a dollar for "Good Luck".

I had so much fun putting this little pouch together you start trying to find excuses to make another.  I'm just glad I know longer have to worry about "flying rubber bands" while I drive.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe