Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Surprise Journey to My New Singer 401A

Here she is my brand new to me Singer 401A and she was quite the surprise gift.

Let me bring you all the way back to when this story really began.  It all started around the end of December.  I had picked up two new ceiling fans with lights which I had installed, one in our bedroom and one in the kitchen.

Well let me just tell you our kitchen really hasn't seen any type of renovations to it in quite some time.  It just took this tiny spark of change to ignite Stephanie into asking me to renovate the whole kitchen.  Hence which is why I have totally been off the blogosphere.  I covered my whole sewing room with sheets to keep the plaster dust off of everything (it's right next to the kitchen) and resigned myself to the fact that there would be no sewing done until the kitchen was complete (that was a sad day to say the least).  Eight weeks later, finished.





I still need to sew a curtain for the front of the cabinet.

I didn't have a before picture for the sink but let me just tell you it was a load of work that we did in this area.

Sooooo.....to bring this story all the way back to my 401A.  I was just putting the finishing touches on our kitchen maybe a day or two of work left and on this particular day Stephanie went to an estate sale in Linwood only about 15 minutes away and to my surprise brings home this wonderful sewing machine for me for all the work I put into our kitchen, now is that not a wonderful woman or what!

The story goes that the lady who owned this wonderful machine sewed all the clothes for her family from when they were very young all the way through high school and then some.  Every attachment that came with it originally was still here plus some extra goodies.

Always nice to have with a new machine.

All five cams that came with the original machine.  All the feet plus extra's and a load of bobbins and bits.

A box full of notions.

The straight stitch throat plate plus the zigzag plate.

A little suit case full of thread.

and......a "Buttonholer".  

It took me a couple of days to look at it since my sewing room was still covered in sheets but believe me I couldn't wait.  Finally when I tested it out and I couldn't believe how clean the inside of the machine was and how perfect the stitches came out.

I only touched the tip of the iceberg so far with all the stitch combinations it has but boy can I tell you it sews like a dream.  I definitely can't wait to start a sewing project with it.

So all you guys out there when you wife (or partner) asks you to do a project for them just do it, you never know what kind of surprise you'll get in return.

I know mine totally took me by surprise.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!   Seam Ripper Joe