Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Another Summer Shirt" - Using KWIK Sew 3484

Every once in a while a sewist runs across a pattern they just love to sew.  That doesn't necessarily have to mean it's quick, or that every step of it is super easy.  There is just something about it they really like.  That is where I am with the KWIK Sew pattern 3484.

This is my second shirt I have made from this pattern and I have to say I really like the results.

It gives you lots of room to move around without being baggy.  Just a nice casual fit.

Hmm... I Just have to wonder if I need to put another order into Hawaiian Fabric.com for fabric for another couple of shirts.  At least enough for two more.  Even If I don't use this pattern I can use one of my Victoria Jones Patterns.  Decisions...Decisions...  You can never have enough fabric on hand.

One of my favorite parts of shirt construction.  "The Pocket".  Can you see it!

So all you guys and gals out there if your looking for a great summer shirt to sew for yourself or your guy I highly recommend this pattern.  It's fun to sew and it'll be super comfortable to wear.

Disclaimer:  No Sewing Machines were hurt or harmed in anyway while producing this shirt.

HaHa...I'm sorry I had to throw that in.  It seems like these days there's disclaimers all over the place for everything.

For my next sewing jaunt.  My tan cotton poplin arrived in the mail and I have it all washed and dried ready to hit the cutting table.  KWIK Sew 3267 "Men's Summer Shorts".

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe