Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oops! I did it again! Picked up a Brother Charger 651!

That old Ebay got me again!  Geezzzz.... I can't hardly believe it.  I was just minding my own browsing business, going through the vintage machines just for fun, when BAM, this sewing machine jumped right out at me from the listing.  You could almost consider it an assault!  I was sure I wasn't going to buy another machine at least for a good while.  The more I looked at it and read the listing, I thought, okay, I'll just put the minimum bid in and if someone else bids on it, well, it just wasn't meant to be and I'll walk away from it.  Easy Peasy...well as luck would have it, the auction ended two days later without anyone else bidding on it.  So without any further delay here is my new Brother Charger 651.

I purchased the machine without a case.   So I made a wooden base for it.   I'm thinking about coming up with some kind of canvas covering for it that attaches to the side, I'll just have to see what I can come up with.

It only does straight stitch and zigzag but boy is it strong.  Also the foot pedal allows you to go very slow if you need to without any problem.  Compared to some that go from 0-60 with just a slight touch.  That's a big plus if your dealing with a very intricate area of work.

Anyway I just wanted to show you all my newest machine.  "Darn that Ebay"! 

I'll also be posting the work I'm doing on my KWIK Sew 3484 pattern in the next couple of days.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

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