Monday, March 17, 2014

The Classic Aloha Shirt - Victoria Jones Pattern # 220

With winter almost over, it was time for me to put aside all of my cold weather patterns and start concentrating on my spring and summer wardrobe.  I have to admit though, I really am going to miss making my turtlenecks and long sleeve polo's.  They've been so much fun (who knew I would have enjoyed sewing with knits so much?) and are super comfortable to wear.

My very first spring shirt I decided to start off with is the "Aloha Shirt" from the Victoria Jones Collection pattern # 220.  If you would like to view her entire collection of really awesome patterns, here you go - Victoria Jones Collection.  

Today your getting the cliff notes addition of my "Aloha Shirt".  I made this shirt over a five week period.  Grabbing little bits of time here and there trying to finish it so I really didn't take any construction photo's.  As much as I love to sew, sometimes life just gets really in the way of the important stuff like "MY SEWING"!  I know, it boggles my mind to, but what can you do?

I really like how well the shirt came out.  For the pattern size I used a large.  Since I didn't first make a muslin I was really thrilled with how well the shirt fit.  It is definitely a pattern I can make again without having to alter it.

The yoke and collar sections were a little tricky to deal with.  To be honest, I had to take them apart three separate times until I finally got it right.  For some reason a standing collar is sooooo much easier to sew!  I would have thought this type of collar would have been.  NOPE!  It's not the first time I was wrong.  I plan on making another 4 or 5 of this particular Victoria Jones pattern for the summer so it should become second hand before long.

I like how the back came out and it really is nice and roomy to wear.  I think next time though I'll put one box pleat in the center back instead of the two side pleats.

Before I started on the shirt I thought that I was going to have to line the pattern up, but as I started laying everything out the fabric was so busy that I really didn't have to worry about lining anything up.    Awesome!  Happy Accident!

Spring is on its way and I'm one step closer to a fresh summer wardrobe.

The next shirt I'm going to make is the KWIK Sew 3484.  This will be a little different from the Aloha Shirt because it does not have a back yoke.  Is that a good or bad thing.  Hmm?  I've read reviews going both ways.  So you know on that alone I just had to give it a try.  Now the fun part begins.....picking out the fabric.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe