Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KWIK SEW 2185 - Men's Polo Shirt

I'm right in the middle of my winter sewing.  Continuing with my next pullover the KWIK SEW 2185 - Men's Polo Shirt, which I am making in the long sleeve version.

I really am a big fan of KWIK SEW Patterns.  They always come with good solid instructions and their patterns are always printed on a nice sturdy white paper.  Never on the real thin tissue.  I just could never really understand why companies use tissue for patterns.  To me it always seemed like it was a recipe for disaster.  Just the slightest bit of moisture or tension and they just fall right apart.  Hint...Hint...pattern companies....start using the good stuff please!

The fabric I am using for my polo is a Navy Ponte Roma knit for the body and a woven cotton plaid for the collar and button placket.  Before I go any further though, I just want to ask.  Have you ever had a problem with the whole collar set up and how you attach it to your shirt?  That little area to me has always been a sticking point for shirt construction.  My collars would always come out okay, but I really had to work at it.  I always felt like there should be a easier way to put them together.  Well....I found it!  Thanks to Andrea at four square walls.  She takes you through this awesome step-by-step tutorial for the entire collar construction which has your collar coming out perfect every time!  Finally no more problems with the under collar not lining up with your button placket.  Thanks tons Andrea for the awesome post.  I actually printed that one out and keep it tucked in my Simplicity sewing book.

I'm constructing the button placket here with my trusty Singer 66!

My Singer 121795 button hole attachment in action.

The instructions didn't call for bias binding at the shoulder seams but I always like to add it on knit materials.  To me it seems like it makes the shirt just a little sturdier.

I wish I would have taken more photo's of the collar as I put it together per Andrea's post.  "But I forgot".   I was enjoying how well the collar was going together and how easy her method was that the very next photo I took was right before attaching the under collar to the shirt.

The finished collar came out perfect.  Thanks again Andrea!

Just putting the finishing touches on the side slits at the hem.

Another winter shirt done!  It really is a great pattern and is super comfortable to wear.  Now I just need to make one more.  Hmm.....This time maybe in a tan.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!  Seam Ripper Joe