Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Done! "Boxer Short Madness Completed"

It's been a long time in the making, almost 4 weeks but finally the madness is finished.  I completed my last pair of boxer shorts last night at around 7pm.  So the tally is a total of 8 pairs of premium boxer shorts out of one full size thrift store sheet set.

It was touch and go there for a while wanting to stray away from my objective and sew a shirt or a pair of pants or just about anything else!  Anytime I would have that sneaky little feeling I would just have to take a deep breath and continue on.  It was sorta brutal at times.  Especially when I have several really great patterns sitting in the wings I was itching to start.  Patience and perseverance are great virtues and I believe in both.  It was also very important to me to make each pair with the same attention to detail that I made my very first pair with.  Never taking shortcuts and putting my all into each pair.  What's really cool is that this does bring me a lot closer to my springtime goal of only "Made by Me Clothes".  With that said, it really feels good to be done with them and finally start on my next project.

I found this excellent Turtleneck Pattern, Kwik Sew 1281 from 1983 in  Janie Zekkou Etsy Shop and I just had to buy it.  She has a really nice collection of vintage sewing patterns all the way from the roaring 20's through the 1980's and is definitely worth taking a browse through every couple of weeks.  I am absolutely a big, Big, BIG fan of turtlenecks in the winter.  In fact that's probably understating it a bit.  So I went right out and purchased a really awesome Navy Blue, heavy weight knit fabric to make it out of and just finished washing and drying it right before I started this post.  Yeah!

I really, Really, Really am excited about starting on it, so you know what!

That is it, the end of my post for today.  We just have a couple of things left....first the big "Shout Out".

Today that is going to....Gavin Henderson of Oil and Thread He loves his vintage sewing machines and uses them all.  His skills lay in a wide range of sewing from clothing to quilting and seems to be a natural in them all.  I personally pick up new techniques from every one of his posts, either about sewing or vintage machines and I highly recommend his blog to every sewing enthusiast.

and also....

This Week the "The Two Thumbs Up" goes to BurdaStyle for having awesome Patterns, Projects and Tutorials that helps every sewist reach their maximum potential.  Thanks BurdaStyle!

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

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