Thursday, August 15, 2013

Singers "Incredible" Buttonhole Foot for...."Vintage Singer Sewing Machines"

I know....I know....Your probably thinking, Joe your next post was supposed to be on the Victoria Jones Hawaiian Shirt, not a buttonhole foot.  You would be absolutely right!  Here's the Snafu though, I wanted to sew the entire shirt on my Singer 66-8, so I had to wait for my new buttonhole foot to be delivered.  So without any further ado here she is....

Lets start by a little background information for you.  This is the Singer Buttonhole Foot, Part # 121795.  This foot will fit on the following Singer Sewing Machines.  Singer 66, 99, 128,185,15-91, 201 and 221.

I'm so proud of finding this little foot.  There are no cams, just three different adjustments that are very quick and easy to make.  One for "Closeness of Stitch".  Another for "Bight of Stitch" (or stitch width) and just one more for the width or "Space" of the actual opening you would like for your buttonhole.  It's really surprisingly super simple to use!  It also came with a feed dog cover (darning plate) which attaches very easily.

I was fortunate enough to find one with the original manual (always a good thing).

It's very easy to get your sewing machine ready to start making buttonholes.

You first remove your standard foot.

Place your darning plate into the exact position for the needle to move freely into the bobbin area (we don't need any broken needles, yikes!) and tighten it down.

Clamp the Buttonhole Foot to the Pressure Bar and your ready to go.  What is so Incredible to me is that here is a buttonhole foot produced in 1940 (and even before that) that can make the exact size buttonhole you adjust it for on a straight stitch machine in just one step with a beautiful outcome.  My Janome made in 2012 requires four steps to make a buttonhole.  I find that very interesting!

With the pressure foot in the up position, I place my needle exactly at the top of my buttonhole.  I then drop my pressure foot and give her a little gas and let my buttonhole foot do her thing!

I keep a nice medium speed.  No reason to rush it.  You'll find you get a better stitch if you just take your time and enjoy how truly incredible this foot is.

The fabric is guided by the pressure foot to each new stitch the needle makes.

Most of the time I go around twice to make the perfect buttonhole!

"Tada"!  There she is the perfect buttonhole.  You gotta love this buttonhole foot.

With that being said.  I have to give credit were credit is due.  I wouldn't have known this buttonhole foot even existed if I didn't see Peter Lappin demonstrate it on his You Tube Channel using his Singer Featherweight Peters Demonstration .  Thanks Peter, Great Tutorial.

I have my Hawaiian Shirt all cut out and ready to get started.  Yes!  So stand by and I'll have it in my next post.

That is it, the end of my post for today.  We just have a couple of things left....first, the big "Shout Out".

Today that is going to....Tilly of Tilly and The Buttons .  Ever Since I watched The Great British Sewing Bee  you had to fall in love with her sparkling personality and beautiful sewing techniques.  She's a definite must follow on your sewing blog list.

and also....

This week the "Two Thumbs Up" goes to the good folks at Craftsy who are constantly trying to teach us new sewing skills through there awesome online classes and sewing tutorials.  Thanks craftsy for making us better sewers one stitch at a time!

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

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