Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Thrift Store Find....or going "Boxer Shorts Crazy"

I went to the local Thrift Store the other day in Ocean City, NJ and ran into this perfect set of full size sheets.  The very first thing I thought of was "Wow! What a perfect fabric for Boxer Shorts".  When you think about it, it's sorta funny.  Most people when they see a set of sheets or table cloth or any other larger piece of fabric they take it at face value for what it is.  On the other hand, a person that sews and runs into these fabrics automatically thinks "Wow, a new sewing project"!

"Just look at the Print".  Doesn't it remind you of the print they made boxers out of in the 50's and 60's.  You just never know when or where you are going to run into that perfect fabric, today it was at the local Thrift Store.  What even sweetened the deal even more was the set was in "Fabric Perfect Shape" and they only wanted $5.00 for them.
"Can you say Sold"!

I have set a goal for myself.  Starting in the spring of next year.  I only want to wear the clothing that I have sewn (No more RTW).  That gives me a good 8 months.

So when I saw the Sheet Set, I thought "Wow" I could Make 6 or 7 pairs of Boxer Shorts out of them easily.  Which definitely helps me get closer to my goal and not only that it's the perfect print for boxers.

I decided to stick with the same Kwik Sew Pattern # 1672.  I already had it on hand and I liked the way they fit.

This is the first pair completed, only 6 more to go.  My brain will probably be turned into Boxer Brain Mush by the time I'm done.  That's alright, I'll refresh it by sewing Stephanie a new skirt.  I picked up this really pretty flowered cotton fabric that I'm sure will bring a big smile from her.

That is it, the end of my post for today.  We just have a couple of things left....first, the big "Shout out".

Today that is going to....Michael of Line of Selvage He is a self taught sewist who blogs out of San Francisco, California.  Teamed up with his Brother PC-210 PRW, he's one mans journey into the world of sewing.  He's a joy to read and is highly recommended for any blog list.

and also....

This week the "Two Thumbs Up" goes to April 1930's a wonderful sewing shop run by Carmon & April Henry out of Kamiah, Idaho.  They feature mostly the 221 & 222K Singer Featherweights and their attachments.  Which are also appropriately designed to fit most any low, vertical shank sewing machines.  So if you have a special place in your heart for vintage sewing machines like I do, you just have to check them out.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

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