Saturday, June 1, 2013

My very first pattern....Kwik Sew 1672 - Mens Boxer Shorts

So....with much deliberation between my sewing machine and I, we came up with the perfect first pattern to start on. 

One of the first things I was surprised about, was how very thin the pattern paper was.  I've read lots of articles, about people talking about, how thin the different pattern companies, pattern papers are, but until you experience it first hand, you can't really grasp the full meaning of what they meant.  (try to say that 10 times fast)

Next I made a posterboard copy in my size (since then I have found an awesome product called Swedish Tracing Paper, but we'll save that for another post).  Also by doing this I didn't have to cut the original pattern paper.  Which is good, incase I have to make the pattern larger next time.  "Win, Win, situation".

So here we go, I had the perfect white piece of fabric to make these Mr. Boxer's. The pattern was easy to lay out, just two pieces on a double fold.  I used pattern weights (at this time - coffee cups)  with my cutting matt and rotary cutter.  Great first pattern for anyone.  It sewed together very easily and the instructions are very clear. 

The only things I added are two buttons on the fly.  I always liked buttons, I think it gives them that certain touch of yesteryear.  Now with all this said, I was really shocked how very well they turned out, in fact so much so....I had to make another pair just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

This time I dyed the same fabric brown (also a first, used Rit Dye) very easy. 

The final product was just as good as the first pair.  Hmmm.... I might actually be able to do this.  They were a bunch of fun to sew, and came together very easily.  Thank You Kwik Sew.

This is it.  The end of my post today.  We just have one thing left, the big "Shout Out"!

Today that goes to Colleen G. Lea at Fashion Sewing Blog.  She has absolutely excellent sewing tutorials and always makes it very easy for you to understand.  She is truly a professional and a great asset to the sewing world.  Thank you Colleen.

That's it for today.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

    Until next time....Happy Sewing!  Seam Ripper Joe