Tuesday, June 18, 2013

and the "Golden Thimble Award" goes to....Connie Crawford for trailblazing in "Plus Size Patterns"

Part of the reason I started sewing, was to help my wife supplement her wardrobe.  It just seemed like every time she went shopping for clothes, the stores never had a very large selection of plus size clothes for women.  Which I personally find very odd, since a large percent of women, are plus size.

So it shouldn't have surprised me much when I found, allot of the sewing pattern companies seemed to follow suit.  They had some plus size patterns, but not a whole lot.  That is, until I ran into a site called, Fashion Patterns by Coni at www.fashionpatterns.com (some of her patterns are also on the Butterick site as well) let me just tell you, she's awesome.  Most all of her patterns range from small all the way up to 6X.  Thank You Connie!  Your site was like finding a golden ticket.

This is the first pattern I started on from Connie - B5473, a vest and pant set for Stephanie.  The instruction are laid out very well and are easy to follow.

The instructions called for Linen or Cotton Blends, so we had to break the rules a little bit, oops.  Stephanie asked if the set could be made out of a knit, so I picked out a very nice Black Point Roma knit from Joann Fabrics.

Once again, you have to love that Swedish Tracing Paper, it makes life so much easier.

I'm not sure if anyone else does this, and it isn't visible in this photo, but if you separated those two pant sections, you would see a little tag on each piece saying "Front Side Left" and "Front Side Right".  This material was sooooo close in color on either side, I had to label them.  You could only tell the difference in the Sun Light.  Also just a reminder....those Clover Wonder Clips are awesome.....they make life so much easier, specially with knit fabric, so if you have a chance to get em...grab em....

I can't help it, I have to put a pink bow in the back of all of Stephanie's pants I make her, it's just my little way of telling her "Love You".......and also, Honey this is the backside of your pants.

The pants turned out really nice, and the fit was perfect.  So far the knit fabric wasn't a problem at all and Stephanie loved them.

This is it.  The end of my post for today.  We just have one thing left....and that's the big "Shout Out".

Today that goes to Parnuuna Kristiane Thornwood of Be My Goth.  Her main theme is Gothic, but she loves all types of fashion from Punk, Rockabily, Lolita, Indie, Victorian and even Hipster.  She's an expert sewist and has some awesome sewing tutorials along with patterns she draft's herself.  So if your looking for a interesting new site, you just have to give her a visit, she never disappoints.

Until next time....Happy Sewing!  Seam Ripper Joe