Sunday, May 26, 2013

and the winner is........"Janome"

So.....This is my journey....and I'm going start at the beginning.  (sighs in the background, a couple, oh greats....not this...can we go now...please).  Hey, every journey or adventure has to have a beginning and this is mine.

Several months ago I came across the realization because of a couple of different circumstances in my life, that I had to learn how to sew.  Not for like, things around the house, but actually clothing.  (Clothing...Hmmm...Me sew...interesting).  Anyway....and here begins, The Great Sewing Machine Hunt, of March, 2013.

There are so many different brands and types out there, with options, options, new......It was really a daunting task.  I went to so many different websites, listening to tutorials and reading reviews.  Since I had really never used a sewing machine before, I needed one that was pretty basic, yet reliable, and durable.  A plain all around good sewing machine at a fair price.  One name kept on coming up.....Janome....Janome.....Janome.

So here she is my new Janome 2212 sewing machine.

The Janome 2212 is perfect......At least for me.  She is (hmmm. I wonder if that's correct to say... She is...ponder.... nope... I'm sticking with it.... She has curves, and she's are supposed to be curvy).  Anyway, she is light weight, easy to thread, and has a great front loading bobbin.

She has all the stitches that I could possibly want for now.  Straight stitch, Zig-Zag, Blind Hem Stitch, and several others....All the good basic stitches.

The Needle Plate is well lit, and has clearly marked seam guides, it even has a spot marked on it to show you where to turn corners.  Big help to a beginner.

She also comes with several different feet.  The standard foot isn't shown here, I have it on the machine.  You have the Button Hole Foot, The Zipper Foot and the Blind Hem Foot.

So that is her, " Ta-Dah".... So far I have been sewing with her since March on several different projects and I never ran into any issues what so ever.  She runs great.  Good Job Janome for making such a good beginner machine. 

Every once in a while, I think we can get caught up on looking at all these cool sewing machines and all the options they have...I know I do at least.  I always come back to the thought though of all those professional sewers, seamstresses and tailors back in the early turn of the century (1900's) who made absolutely beautiful clothing, and there machines were just basically, straight stitch.  Good job guys.

This is it.  The end of my post today.  We just have one thing the end of each post I'm going to give a big "Shout Out" to a special blog or website that I really think promotes the craft of sewing in some unique way, and there are so many, many, many, that are awesome.

Today that is.... Rob and Corinne at 

Rob and Corrine are awesome DIY'rs  and really bring a fun twist into sewing, so if you love upcycling clothing, or making something totally new, you have to check them out.

That's it for today.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think. 

    Until next time.... Happy Sewing!    Seam Ripper Joe

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